Inbound call DTMF Menu key presses are not recognized


Inbound call DTMF Menu key presses are not recognized

Status: closed
Duration: 2 hours
Affected Components:
Americas Work Calling Contact Center SIP Trunking Inbound Contact Center US1 Contact Center US2 NA1 NA2 NA7 NA3 NA8 NA4 NA9 NA5 NA10 NA6 NA17 NA11 NA18 NA12 NA19 NA13 NA20 NA14 NA27 NA15 NA28 SB1 NA29 NA37 NA38 NA30 NA39

8x8 is investigating reports of inbound calls to Auto attendants and Contact Center menus not recognizing the key presses. Calls will instead follow the programmed menu rule designated as "empty" in these menus. Currently this has been isolated to a single inbound telephony carrier and 8x8 is working with them to resolve. 


8x8 has worked with the underlying carrier and the issue impacting DTMF key presses is now resolved. We will be working with the carrier on root cause and we apologize for the inconvenience. 


Issue with DTMF issue was resolved as of 2021/09/27 17:15 UTC (2021/09/27 10:15 Pacific)