Microsoft Teams endpoints calling issues


Microsoft Teams endpoints calling issues

Status: closed
Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes
Affected Components:
Americas EMEA APAC Work Calling Work Calling Work Calling All Other Services All Other Services All Other Services Endpoints Endpoints Endpoints Deskphones Deskphones Deskphones

8x8 is currently investigating reports of some Microsoft Teams endpoints not being able to make or receive calls. Please contact support to troubleshoot the issue while we confirm the issue. We'll provide updates as they become available. 


8x8 has confirmed an issue with 8x8 Microsoft Teams enabled endpoints. Inbound and outbound calls have been intermittently failing only though MS Teams enabled endpoints.  In the interim if available and enabled, users can utilize 8x8 Work Windows and MacOS applications or use 8x8 Work Web as a work around to make and receive calls.  We are working with our integration partner and will provide as they become available.

8x8 Work can be logged in at

8x8 Work application can be downloaded here:


8x8 and it's integration partner have confirmed that call flow has been back to normal have and calls are currently completing as normal. We are monitoring for stability and will provide a further update once it's confirmed as fully resolved. 


8x8 has observed stability and will be closing out this incident as resolved. We are investigating the root cause and we apologize for the inconvenience.